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Chicago MC Common has always been socially aware. He is now using his talents to help activist Leonard Peltier get free from prison.

The “Blue Skies” wordsmith will be performing at the “Bring Leonard Peltier Home Concert” which will take place December 14th in New York City. Peltier is a Native American activist who was thrown in prison for two execution-style murders of FBI agents. When he was first tried and convicted of the crimes, Peltier maintained he was framed by the government. The concert aims to open the eyes of people who may not know about Leonard Peltier’s situation.

Common got involved after he dug into Peltier’s background. When he was asked about his motives, he said, “If I can really help a man be free from something he was accused of and is innocent and wants to be with his family, I can’t get up there and say I can’t do this because I may have a chance to get more record sales, or this film company is not going to decide to use me.”



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