As details emerged of the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut that claimed the lives of 26 people, condemnation of the act was pretty much universal. Except for some extreme religious zealots, no one could justify the lives that were lost, especially those of the 20 children.

However, there has been considerable debate on what to do about gun violence, in particular if there should be more gun control in the United States. Many entertainers expressed their feelings both for and against increased gun control on social media outlets like Twitter:

There are those who favor more gun control…

DL Hughley

Don Cheadle

Reginald Hudlin

Jill Scott

Those who don’t…

David Banner

Fatman Scoop

And those somewhere in the middle..

Pam Grier


Where do you stand on the issue of guns in the United States? Should there be increased gun control to prevent mass murders like this, or is that not the answer?

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