It’s been 16 years since The Fugees‘ classic album The Score and still to this day fans wonder what went wrong in that group. Many rumors and accusations have been hurled between group members Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, and Pras. Wyclef Jean is coming forward saying Pras probably blames his affair with Lauryn Hill is the reason the group parted ways.

During an interview at radio show Big Boy In The Neighborhood, Clef stated, “I’m sure he definitely blame me. And if you go back to the old articles one time, you know where Pras was like, ”Clef is the cancer of the Fugees.’ You remember when he said that? At the time, you’ve gotta understand his frustration though. It was more like, I really wanted this thing to work and you shouldn’t have messed with the girl. Matter of fact, didn’t I warn you about messing with the girl?'”

Wyclef did take responsibility for the rammifications of his actions. “”Now, as a man and looking back, definitely take blame in the sense of having fell for Lauryn at the time. It was important that I explained it in the sense of vulnerability, meaning not as ‘feel sorry for me’ type of dude but as human beings,” he explained.  “At times, we lust and for me, it was not even lust at that time because it was spending too much time anyway. In the book, I describe at that time, it was more of a muse type of relationship.”

Listen to the candid interview below.



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