The Fugees member Pras Michel has been getting help from the United Nations in helping fight poverty in his native country Haiti, but his child support battle is souring his political relationships. According to the New York Daily News, Pras was due in court for a mandatory child support hearing in June but skipped the […]

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  According to TMZ rapper Pras the notorious co-founder of Hip Hop super group The Fugees claims he’s been cheated out of thousands of dollars by two guys who took his money and refused to give him the studio time that he paid for. Pras was so upset that he filed a suit in small claims court in Los […]

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  Oh Pras! You know how someone can say something touching, and you become moved by what they’ve said, only for them to follow it up wit a back handed pimp slap of a comment? Yeah, sort of erases the touching part of what they started out with! For a very good example of this, check out […]

It’s been 16 years since The Fugees‘ classic album The Score and still to this day fans wonder what went wrong in that group. Many rumors and accusations have been hurled between group members Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, and Pras. Wyclef Jean is coming forward saying Pras probably blames his affair with Lauryn Hill is […]

At the 2010 edition of Rock The Bells, Lauryn Hill brought Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige onstagehis year she brought out some personal guests: her kids! Lauryn also brought on former Fugees bandmate Pras to perform one of their classics...

Although rap star Wyclef Jean and ex-bandmate Pras Michel have settled their differences, fans will be disappointed to know that a reunion of The Fugees will never happen, according to Jean.

With tomorrow marking the one year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti, former Haitian presidential hopeful, Wyclef Jean has made peace with his former Fugees bandmate, Pras.

Lately, Pras has been like the Latoya Jackson of the Fugees.

Wyclef Jean, former Haitian president hopeful, has sent a shot to detractors actor Sean Pen and former band mate Pras.

Wyclef Jean has been publicly criticized for his presidential aspirations in Haiti and fellow Fugee Pras has been one of the loudest voices.