Quentin Tarantino’s slave western “Django Unchained” has stirred up a lot of opinions both pro and con. Most recently Director Spike Lee was quoted in an interview with stating that he wouldn’t be seeing the film and Katt Williams said in one of his stand-up routines that any black person who did the film “should be shot.”

Well actor and comedian Donnell Rawlings, known for his roles on “Chappelle’s Show” as “Ashy Larry,” among others, has come out in defense of the film.

“Spike Lee, I know you been talking a lot of sh*t. You don’t like nobody’s movies,” he told TMZ. ” You don’t like Tyler Perry movies. You don’t like Quentin movies. I don’t even think you like YOUR movies.”

Rawlings applauded the film for having a happy ending and that “we got to shoot White people” and said that “it’s just a movie.”

Watch the clip below:

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