The 41-year-old revealed if he doesn't find a situation in the NBA that he's feeling by the time training camp begins in September, he'll stay retired.

The #Oscarssowhite movement gained major traction over the past few days with big-name celebrities weighing in on the controversy.


Chance The Rapper is the latest and most high-profile of Chicago natives to speak out against Spike Lee’s “Chi-Raq” film. The film, which addresses the long-running gun violence epidemic that has plagued Chicago’s African-American community for decades, is centered around a group of frustrated women who band together to withhold sex from their men in […]

Director Spike Lee will receive an honorary Oscar at next year’s ceremony. The honor will come 25 years after his groundbreaking film, Do the Right Thing, was nominated for Best Screenplay. The Academy of Arts and Sciences announced on Thursday (August 27) that Lee would be receiving the award, along with actresses Gena Rowland and Debbie Reynolds. Academy […]

It’s official, Stuyvesant Avenue in Brooklyn will be named Do the Right Thing Way, after Spike Lee‘s iconic 1989 film. It was a year in the making due to city legalities, according to Brooklyn Magazine. But the wait is finally over, and a ceremony was held so we know it’s real. Lee shared his excitement […]

Spike Lee changed his plans to premiere his upcoming movie, Chi-Raq, at Cannes Film Festival next year. Instead, we’ll get to see the film in theaters and online for Amazon Studios in December, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lee made the ambitious switch so it could be released in time to be considered for an Oscar. […]

Netflix announced what titles will be coming and going for July, so let’s pick our favorites for our the month. We’re pleased to see Chris Tucker’s first stand up in years is on the list with Chris Tucker Live, and we’ll all finally be able to see if Spike Lee’s Da Sweet Blood of Jesus was just as bad […]

Maybe he felt guilty for saying a whole lot of crazy about black people. Or, maybe his co-stars from those hilarious “Road To The Final Four”…

People may be split on deciding whether Spike Lee is cool or not (although his real talk moments-to-Oldboy ratio still slightly points to the former), but everybody loves Dave Chappelle. We’ll be getting more of Chappelle soon thanks to Lee. The comedian has signed on to play a role in Chiraq. The famed creative confirmed the news with the […]

It was rumored that Kanye West was going to star in the upcoming Spike Lee film, Chiraq. Despite reports that surfaced today saying that the rumors were true, it was confirmed by Pitchfork that the “All Day” rapper would not be starring in the flick. From Pitchfork: “Contrary to published reports, Kanye West will not be starring […]

Word on the street is that Spike Lee has tapped hip-hop superstars Kanye West and Common to star in his new film, Chiraq. According to The Wrap, Lee is producing the film in conjunction with Amazon Studios, but specific details regarding the plot are still under wraps. Also rumored to be attached to the project […]