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Premiering January 7th, film siren Meagan Good headlines the crime drama procedural Deception that is every bit as shady as its title hints. Part Revenge and part Scandal (with a touch of Southland), here are five reasons you should watch “Deception.”

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1. Meagan Good: The actress who steamed up the big screen in “Think Like a Man” bravely takes on the complex role of Joanna Locasto, a detective who goes undercover to investigate the apparent suicide of her childhood friend. Unlike other female law enforcement characters on TV, Good’s Joanna is not your typical tough-as-nails cop; rather, she’s a multidimensional female character who’s more than just a badge.

2. It’s not your typical crime thriller: For those of you who can’t get enough of the duplicitous drama “Revenge” will be happy to hear there’s a smart new character cut from the same cloth on the tube, and she’s a black woman. It’s easy to give Joanna the side eye because she’s living a double life, and posing as someone else to get closer to her friend’s family. But there is nothing insincere about Joanna’s intentions; ultimately, you realize that what she’s doing comes from the bottom of her heart.

3. It keeps you guessing ‘til the very end: You can quickly tell after watching the pilot episode that “Deception” is going to be one of those shows that leaves you on the edge of your seats long after the ending credits begin to roll up the screen. Each episode is a chapter in Joanna’s journey as she discovers more about the mystery shrouding her friend’s death, and the family that surrounded her just days before she died. That’s when you know you’re watching some good TV.

4. We may have a possible love triangle on our hands: Few great TV shows are without their complicated romances and “Deception” is no exception. Though the ménage a trois is merely teased in the first episode, you already know that there is something brewing between Joanna and Julian (Wes Brown) and her on again/off again love interest Will (Laz Alonso). We can’t wait for that to unfold.

5. Laz Alonso: Ever since his character was sadly killed off “Breakout Kings” earlier this year, we’ve sorely missed our weekly dose of Laz Alonso. Thankfully we don’t have to wait much longer to see Alonso back on the tube in a meaty role that is deeper than what meets the eye. As a federal agent and Joanna’s former partner, Will is her lover, her confidante and also her competition. Plus his chemistry with Good is on point.

Deception premieres January 7th at 10/9c on NBC.

Candice Frederick is a former Essence magazine editor and an NABJ award-winning journalist. She is also the co-host of “Cinema in Noir” and the film blogger for Reel Talk. Follow her on twitter.

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