One of my favorite couples may be headed for divorce court. I stalk La La Anthony on Twitter and Instagram (yeah I admit it) and noticed that she was tweeting less about being at the games cheering her man Carmelo Anthony on and more about her career. Then what really got my attention was on NYE, when the reality star hosted a party in Miami and Melo was nowhere to be found—neither was her wedding ring.

Take a look at the evidence in the pic below.

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Rumor has it the couple have been separated since last year and they still go out in public together to keep up appearances for the sake of their careers and adorable son Kiyan.

But if you watched the Knicks vs. Celtics game last night, you saw Melo get so heated with Celtics star Kevin Garnett that he waited for KG at the Celtics team bus. Everyone wondered what set Melo off, and today I’m finding out that KG allegedly said La La, “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios,” according to Black Sports Online.

I’m not one for violence, but what man is going to sit around and let someone disrespect their wife, regardless if they’re together or not?

Take a look at what went down last night:

I really want to see these two work and hopefully this is just a rough patch they’re going through.

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