It’s hard to have back-to-back covers of the hottest women in music and not compare them to each other, so we did and you voted! It was a pretty close race, but Rihanna beat out Beyonce for the hottest GQ cover.

In a poll conducted on, 53.08% (4,535 votes) of those who responded said Rihanna  had a better cover, while 46.92% (4,008 votes) said Beyonce.

When I talk to people in person, almost everyone seems to say Beyonce has the better cover because she has more curves and seems more womanly. I’m going to have to agree. Ri’s cover is still hot, though. The only gripe I have with Bey’s pic is the fact that she’s wearing a belly chain. Who thinks those are sexy?? *Says quick prayer to baby Jesus that we are not going to see a rash of belly chains in 2013. Amen*

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