Despite their previous rocky break-up, Nas and Kelis are friends again. The rapper revealed this in a new interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. In addition to talking about how he and his ex became cool again, Nas opened up about his many Grammy losses, plus whether or not he agrees with a recent honor from CNN.

On getting along with his ex-wife, Kelis:

We’re back together…as friends.  We were not friends for a long time. It was crazy  We recently became…you know.  We’re not together, but we’re friends now. I didn’t want to piss her off too much with the [green] dress.  But she handled it like a trooper.  I even kinda said, “Yo…should we try this again?” [laughs]  I’m like, ‘Wow’. You have a child….you know how it is.  I’m glad to be in that place.  I don’t want no beef.

On never being a Grammy winner despite being nominated 18 times:

18 nominations?  That’s a lot of nominations.  At least they recognize a little bit.  It’s all good though.  I don’t feel tight about it at all. It’s an honor for me to even have nominations.”

On if he agrees with CNN naming him the greatest rap lyricist of all-time:

“Yeah. Yeah kinda. [laughs] At first I was cringing.  But the way he broke down the article…it is what it is man.”

On the GAP ad he shot with his father:

Shouts to the Gap and shouts to my Pops for being an OG.  We got booked for it and had a good time.  He was great and the life of the party during the whole shoot.  Everybody was liking him and loving him.  It was good time.  that’s my guy right there for sure. We were always close.  We didn’t always live together…there was the separated homes and my mom raised me and my brother.  But he was there and he was always around.  The fact that we had a relationship that also comes from music too, that was just a blessing to me to show the world.

You can watch the interview below:


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