There may have been whispers that Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony were separated and possibly on their way to divorce, one half has spoken out and effectively shut those rumors down.

Speaking to Page Six, Melo said of stores of separation: “Hell no we’re not [living separately].’’

Wait, kids…it gets better:

When asked how two such busy people found time to keep their marriage fresh, Anthony recoiled and tilted his face in shock.

“Huh?” Anthony asked rhetorically, before adding “We have our time, we have our down time. She works, I work, but we have our time. We make it work. Communication is the key.’’

He also mentioned his alleged beef with Boston Celtics forward-center Kevin Garnett:

Despite being at the end of a 15-day fast, Anthony was jovial and amiable, although ravenous. As far as his tiff with Garnett, he insisted that’s behind them.

“We talked. We said what we had to. We talked, handled that situation the way you’re supposed to handle it,’’ Anthony said. “It’s not the first thing between me [and a player]. It’s an unfortunate situation. We said what we had to say. I’m done with answering those questions. I’m moving on from that.”


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