There may have been whispers that Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony were separated and possibly on their way to divorce, one half has spoken out and effectively shut those rumors down. Speaking to Page Six, Melo said of stores of separation: “Hell no we’re not [living separately].’’ Wait, kids…it gets better: When asked how two […]

Although divorce rates among black women and men are higher than average, black love is still very much alive. Marriages and relationships that continue to stand the tests of time, trials, and tolerance give hope to black singles searching for strong, black love. Remaining together can be even more difficult for couples who face scandals, […]

La La Vasquez got quite glam for a visit to Planet Hollywood in Times Square with husband Carmelo Anthony and son Kiyan. La La’s skin tight bondage dress was the center of attention. La La’s reality show “Full Court Life” will be airing in its second season August 22nd. La La, Angela Simmons & Kim […]

Kim Kardashian, La La Vasquez and Angela Simmons attended last night’s Knicks vs Milwaukee Bucks game. La La and Kim were photoed taking a picture on Kim Kardashian’s Blackberry. La La is constantly supporting her husband Carmello, attending every game at The Garden. La La Vasquez Anthony Says She’s Not A “Basketball Wife” La La […]

La La Vasquez met with The Breakfast Club to talk about her transition to New York City from Denver, her reality TV show and why she decided not to be on the “Basketball Wives” program. Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Charlemagne Tha God asked her about women throwing themselves at her husband Carmelo Anthony and […]

Since Carmelo Anthony has come to the New York Knicks, La La Vasquez has kicked it up into sexy drive. The ex-video jockey sported new blonde bangs at The Garden last night and even hotter Louboutins. La La is currently filming a new reality TV show. Rate La La Vaquez’s New Image Carmelo Anthony Traded […]

La La and Carmelo Anthony had a hit with their VH1 reality show “La La’s Full Court Wedding” and now it’s time for their new show tentatively titled “La La’s Full Court Life.” The filming began last month which is perfect timing since Carmelo Anthony currently has New York City in a frenzy with the […]

They say money can't buy you love/happiness but it da*n sure can buy you a new figure, nice hair, and expensive clothes. La La Vasquez has capitalized on she and Carmelo's money and turned herself into a socialite.

La La and Ciara partied at Carmelo’s 26th birthday bash!

VH1’s “Basketball Wives” is a great show. We have truly grown to love the ladies and understand what it takes to be a basketball player’s wife, girlfriend, or fiance. So we put together a list of the hottest basketball wives besides the ones we see on television everyday.