La La was once the green eyed MTV host that couldn’t keep our attention for longer than a minute in between video clips and interviews. Then she met her now husband Carmelo Anthony and the boring honey-blonde began to blossom. They say money can’t buy you love/happiness but it da*n sure can buy you a new figure, nice hair, and expensive clothes. La La Vasquez has capitalized on she and Carmelo’s money and turned herself into a socialite. One that hangs along the likes of Kim Kardashian and Ciara. La La was always cute but now she “bad.”

Her latest shots come from her spread where she looks amazing and extra curvaceous if I might add.

Click here for another La La gallery from

La La went from this:

To this:

What a transformation! So here you go– give La La’s new image a rating from 1-10…

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