Fantasizing about Beyonce used to be about as common as texting while walking. However, in recent times it seems to be relegated to more discreet praise. Maybe it’s the whole being married to the Black Warren Buffet (you did hear what he said in “Threat,” right?)  the fact that she’s a mom now or fear of the Illuminati, but publicly lusting for Bey Bey seems to have gone underground. (Check this poll for proof)

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But thanks to the latest issue of GQ magazine, we’ve gotten new fodder for our inappropriate thoughts about the one-woman show. As if the photos aren’t enough,  there are several tidbits from the interview that have our imaginations running wild like Katt Williams on bath salts.

Here are five facts we gleaned from the interview and how our sick and twisted minds distorted them.

1) FACT: She videotapes almost everything. According to GQ Beyonce has an archive room where she has collected years of private footage that she can recall at will.

FANTASY: So we’re going to go ahead and imagine that there HAS to be several minutes of digitized King B in her birthday suit getting charged on her husband’s power mat SOMEWHERE.

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