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The drama from the “Love & Hip-Hop” set is turning into real life beef. Model/”singer” Erica Mena recently threatened New York City radio DJ Angela Yee because Yee wasn’t feeling Mena’s singing voice. As with all beefs nowadays, the whole thing was captured on Twitter.

Apparently, things between the two women popped off when during the airing of Monday’s episode. While Erica was onscreen acting a fool as we have come to love to hate her for, Angela Yee tweeted an old snippet of a song to her followers asking their opinion of Erica’s vocal ability. Since Erica’s voice thinner than wet tissue paper, Yee’s fans began dissing the aspiring singer left and right. One commentor said, “Bury me alive with no ears!”

Angela Yee subsequently tweeted her thoughts calling Erica Mena’s singing voice that of a teacup chihuahua. Erica Mena caught wind of Angela Yee’s comments and told her she would slap the blood out of Yee’s face. the radio DJ responded with, “So sad that this person has a child somewhere in the world..”

Although Twittter beefing is starting to get played out, if it hasn’t already, we are hysterically laughing at this.



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