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It’s always something when it comes to “Love & Hip-Hop” star Rich Dollaz. Dollaz was arrested for allegedly missing a scheduled court appearance to settle a paternity suit he’s facing. The struggle hit an extreme level when Rich Dollaz was placed under arrest in the middle of an interview.

When the site Mouth To Ears had just begun their interview with Rich Dollaz, who is the manager of singer Olivia and model/”singer” Erica Mena, appeared visibly nervous. He even said, “I don’t even know how I feel right now.” Rich Dollaz’s eyes began scanning the room, watching where the police were going. The cops walked right up to Dollaz and ask for his name and identification. Rich never produced any identification, but went with the police without a fight. Dollaz did ask what he had done to warrant an arrest.

As cops led Dollaz out of the building, a woman named Chaundrea Nicolle began screaming at him about trying to deny her child. As the story goes, Chaundrea Nicole has claimed Rich Dollaz is the father of her daughter for some time and Dollaz has ducked and dodged taking a paternity test.

Chaundrea Nicolle,who is from Memphis, TN, tweeted, “Rich attorney claimed he couldn’t ‘afford’ to fly back to Memphis to take a DNA test but you can afford to pay for videos and gucci…bs!” She followed that tweet up with, “aking pics of me without permission, having people follow me, lying on me, thats stalking etc not to mention the fake names. This is CRAZY!”

Rich’s fiance Erica Mena, being the ride-or-die chick she is, began tweeting and dissing Chaundrea Nicolle. Naturally, the tweets were deleted almost immediately.

Hit up Mouth To Ears for the story from a first hand perspective.


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