Entertainers are beginning to take the law into their own hands when it comes to thieves trying to break into their homes. Actor Taye Diggs took a page out of LL Cool J’s book by stopping a potential burglar from ransacking his Los Angeles mansion.

According to police officers, a young man who is said to be about 20 years old, broke into Diggs’ home just after 11:00 pm last night. Taye Diggs made his presence known and the potential burglar went running away from the house. Diggs chased the intruder down and held him until police were able to arrive to the actor’s house. Police say there was a getaway driver but they weren’t apprehended because they fled as Diggs caught the one on foot.

Earlier that evening, Taye Diggs was at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and had only been home for a short time before the intruder made his attempt.

These robbers better be careful, Entertainers are now fighting back and it’s not turning out good for the burglars. The thief LL Cool J stopped wound up in the hospital. The guy trying to rob Taye Diggs got off easy.



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