Physical violence is a crime and frowned upon all over the world. However, all of that “peace, love, and harmony” stuff is out the window in the iPhone and Android app stores. Both companies are selling an app where women can abuse their boyfriends.

Called “Boyfriend Trainer,” women can electrocute, mace, and slap their virtual significant other for irritating a woman by not picking up after himself, looking at another girl, and other small things. Most of these actions in the app take place in front of the virtual boyfriend’s friends who just stand there and laugh while their homie gets beat up. (What part of the game is that?) The kicker is women in the app always have their man on a leash.

Fellas, do you think having an app like this will incite more domestic violence on men from their ladies? Plenty of men suffer through that in silence because of the embarrassment of getting hit by their woman. What would you think of awoman if she had the app on her phone when you first met her? Hit us up and sound off!



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