Even the undead need love.  “Warm Bodies” fuses the both the zombie and romantic comedy genre, resulting in a delightful mash-up best described as “The Walking Dead” meets “Romeo and Juliet.”  R (Nicholas Hoult) a slacker zombie, is going through an existential crisis.  Even though he has no memory of his former life, R is convinced there has to be more than shuffling around aimlessly and feeding on human brains.  When he meets Julie (Teresa Palmer), a beautiful and feisty teenager,  she awakens long-forgotten feelings in R and he slowly reconnects to his humanity.

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If we’re ever to face a zombie apocalypse, we’ve rounded up three reasons why a romantic relationship with  a sensitive member of the undead might not be such a bad idea.  Hey, a lady’s got to keep her options open!

3.  He’ll never leave the toilet seat up – There’s nothing more annoying than having a boyfriend who shows zero consideration by  leaving up the toilet seat after he takes a whiz – falling into cold porcelain at 3 A.M. is so not the business.  With a zombie boyfriend, there’s no worries since all biological functions are nonexistent.

2.   He’s not a picky eater – Ever watched the Food Network for hours at a time, slave over over a gourmet meal, just to have your significant other give you the Kanye shrug for all your culinary efforts?  With an undead lover, you’ll never have to worry about offending his taste buds because human flesh is the only thing on his menu.  Which can work to your advantage if you have that  obnoxious coworker you wish would vanish off the face of the earth – invite them over for dinner and zombie boyfriend will take care of the rest.

1.  You’ll always have the last word in an argument–  As women, arguments with our boos aren’t about who’s wrong, it’s about us being right!  Seeing as a zombie’s vocabulary is restricted to harsh grunts, you won’t have to worry about him reading you and your mama for filth.  And with their non-existent memory, you can always tell them it’s their night to throw out the trash.

“Warm Bodies” opens in theaters nationwide today. Watch the first four minutes in the clip below!

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