What becomes of a young biracial woman growing up in the hood? The film “Yelling to the Sky” shows you one answer to that question. Newly out on DVD, the film is a gritty drama featuring an all-star cast.

Zoe Kravitz stars as Sweetness O’Hara who has yet to find her place in her rough Queens neighborhood. Her white father is either beating on the women of the house or wasting his money by drinking all day. Sweetness’ mother decides that she’s had enough of the life she is leading and suddenly leaves her two daughters to fend for themselves, despite Sweetness’ older sister being pregnant. On top of all of the personal family issues Sweetness must deal with, she must also find a way to handle the school bully played by Gabourey Sidibe.

Before long, Sweetness O’Hara has fallen into the wrong crowd and begins a descent into the world of drugs, shoplifting, and violence. Will Sweetness see the light and change her ways? If so, how does she do it? You have to pick up the DVD for “Yelling to the Sky” which was directed by Victoria Mahoney.

The DVD hit shelves on February 5th. Make sure you grab a copy.


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