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News anchor Robin Roberts is giving all the glory to whoever she prays to. After having a bone marrow transplant and taking a medical leave of absence from the show, Robin Roberts will be back on your television screens sooner rather than later.

Roberts’ bone marrow transplant was needed to help in fighting a rare blood disorder she has been battling called myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Robin ?Roberts had been dealing with the symptoms for a little over a year.

Since having the transplant, things were touch and go. However, Robin Roberts has passed the 100 day after surgery milestone. Since then, Roberts has been making trips to the network studios to see how her skin would react to the harsh lights. Plus, Robin Roberts has been going to the studio to see how well she can deal with the stress of her job post bone marrow transplant.

Robin wasn’t slated to return to “Good Morning America” until May, but her recovery progress has exceeded all of her doctors’ expectations. ABC announced everything was good for Robin Roberts to return to work and she will be back for sweeps week.

Welcome back, Robin Roberts! I had to switch over to a new morning news show until you come back.



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