Studies have shown that Valentine’s Day is not only known for pushing diamond ads and boosting already overpriced restaurant sales; it’s also known to be one of the most popular days of the year for break-ups. Yes, that same day when you’re struggling to come up with the most elaborately romantic plan, other dudes are plotting to kick their girls to the curb.

So if you or a friend hopes to make the leap to bachelorhood this V-Day, get inspired with our list of the most memorable breakup scenes from movies.

10. Ali (Will and Jada Smith): We all thought it was cute seeing this real-life couple Jada Pinkett and Will Smith portray husband and wife Sonji Roi and Muhammad Ali in Ali. But their onscreen newlywed bliss quickly turned sour once Sonji started flaunting flashy clothes in public while Ali was trying to lead the simple Muslim life. With less than two years of marriage and a quickie divorce, this once promising couple was a thing of the past.

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