The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Department of Public Safety has figured something out that the world would never be ridiculous enough to think of. They recently posted an online statement explaining various methods to stop a man from raping a woman. Let’s just say their methods are causing a bit of a stir.

The school posted that women should run away without looking back and hitting and/or biting the attacker to get away alive. While those seem like no brainers in the very dangerous situation, the other two were what got people to scratch their heads in confusion. The Department of Public Safety said it would also benefit a woman to tell her attacker that she has a disease or has her monthly cycle. They also advocate urinating or vomiting on your attacker to free yourself.

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The university’s left-of-center defense methods have drawn strong criticism from women from all over the place and not just in Colorado. While many asked that those defenses be taken down because they were wildly stupid, they still remain on the university’s website as they are part of Rape Aggression Defense Systems, which is a class promoted by the school’s public safety department for women on campus.

Ladies, do you really think peeing on an attacker or telling him you have an STD would be the best way to defend yourself from rape? If you employed these tactics and they didn’t work, would your rape then be considered legitimate rape? Let us know.



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