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Singer-songwriter Miguel is R&B’s resident loverman. However, it isn’t all sex, love, and freaky positions when it comes to the topics? Miguel covers in his music. The “Adorn” singer showcases his serious side in the heartfelt clip for his new song “Candles In the Sun.”

The jarring visual was shot in black and white to really get people to open their eyes to the tragedy around them. “It’s so easy to ignore what’s right in front of us sometimes. I wanted to create a song and visual that addressed my everyday concerns of life as I know it in the world that we live in,” Miguel explained. While there are shots of Miguel performing the song in front of a blank wall, you also get to see the harsh realities of the world we live in like homelessness and the damage done to the Jersey Shore caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Check out the video for the heartfelt song below.


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