3. Teach Me

Andre 3000 said, “Sex is always better when there are feelings involved.” Miguel took that concept and ran with it on the Prince-esque “Teach Me.” Singing seductively over climaxing guitars and hard-knocking drums, Miguel damn near begs his woman to show him the way to please her in the best way possible. Judging from this song, Miguel is the type of guy to get pleasure from pleasing his lady. Ladies, those are the best guys to get with because those guys are the James Brown of love-making–the hardest working man in that kind of show business.

4. Do You

At first listen, this sounds like some sort of freaky peer pressure song about popping a molly. However, “Do You” is a cliché metaphor comparing intimate physical conversations to partaking in your drug of choice. While the metaphor is cliché, the song isn’t less arousing. you remember how hard you hit the bong your freshman year of college? Imagine going that hard during sex. I knew you’d understand…pot heads.

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