7. P Is Mine

A lot of women say they get turned off if the guy asks whose is it in the middle of sex. I guess it’s all in the delivery because there has never been a complaint when Miguel’s “P Is Mine” comes on. Instead of asking if it is his, he goads the woman into telling him it’s his before he has to ask. Can’t hate on that.

8. How Many Drinks

Miguel has the talent to toe the line of creepy and alluring. “How Many Drinks” is proof of that. While he is really asking how drunk does he have to get you before he can take you home and do some dirty things to your body, women tend to let that go when they hear him singing the lyrics instead of speaking them. It’s kind of like being turned on when your beau speaks in a foreign language. They could be saying you a crazy crackhead, but you wouldn’t know because it sounds so exotic and enticing.

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