According to TMZ , the former voice of Elmo, Kevin Clash is asking for the lawsuits filed against him on behalf of three men who accused Clash of molestation  to be dropped. He’s asking this on the basis that too much time has passed since the alleged incidents occurred. Clash is claiming that the statute of limitations has run out. If this is true, then that could mean that there is no basis for the lawsuits as the alleged victims had six years to file complaints against him and in each case the claims are about ten years old.

Actions usually speak louder than words but in this case there seems to be an interesting combination of the two. It’s not what he’s claiming that’s odd, it’s what he’s not saying here that is perplexing. (Let that marinate for a moment.) If this is the direction that Clash’s team is going in now, it would be very fascinating to see what might take place in a trial setting. But for now, guess we just have to see what the judge has to say in the matter. We’ll be watching will you?


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