A few weeks ago it was announced that the ornery, self-hating antagonist of “The Boondocks,” Uncle Ruckus, would be getting a live action movie. Gary Anthony Williams, who voices Ruckus in the cartoon, has been tapped to star as the king of Revitiligo.

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Creator of “The Boondocks” Aaron McGruder spoke to about the inspirations for Uncle Ruckus and his decision to make this movie, as opposed to a full live action ‘Boondocks’ flick.

One of the interesting points McGruder made was that Uncle Ruckus was created as a parody that has actually come to life.

I came up with Ruckus before the Tea Party, and before Herman Cain. But in the post-Obama era, half the country became Uncle Ruckus. The world is more polarized and extreme. Ruckus embodies that. I remember watching CNN when Herman Cain was the frontrunner for the Republican party, and they did a segment on whether Herman Cain was Uncle Ruckus. [Ed. note: This segment is no longer available online.] They brought in an expert and had pictures of them side by side… I couldn’t believe what I was watching. When Ruckus was first introduced, he felt like a funny, fringe character. He was bizarre and really extreme. Now, he feels like he represents a lot of right wing ideology. It’s crazy, but the times caught up to him.

Not to mention that Samuel L. Jackson pretty much brought Ruckus to life as the evil slave Stephen in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.”


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