The Boondocks is coming back, and to say we’re excited is an understatement. The music, at times, definitely made the show with their characters Gangstalicious, Thugnificent, and even Grandad. We sang along after we watched the episodes over and over again, and wished we could play them on our iPods. Take a look at the […]

  A few weeks ago it was announced that the ornery, self-hating antagonist of “The Boondocks,” Uncle Ruckus, would be getting a live action movie. Gary Anthony Williams, who voices Ruckus in the cartoon, has been tapped to star as the king of Revitiligo. Must Read: DIRTY DOZEN: Uncle Ruckus’ Most Racist Moments Creator of “The […]

Earlier this week creator of “The Boondocks” Aaron McGruder told his fans on Facebook that there would be an announcement coming regarding the popular franchise. Late Wednesday it was finally revealed that he was launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund a live action movie starring none other than Uncle Ruckus. “We are raising funds for […]

The third installment of the controversial Peabody Award-winning comedy, The Boondocks: The Complete Third Season, debuts on DVD today – raw, uncensored and uncut. Based on Aaron McGruder’s hard hitting comic strip, the first two seasons animated series have become an instant television classic. Now fans of the show can complete their collection and own […]

From Aaron McGruder’s benchmark “The Boondocks” satirized American pop culture and politics, dissected the Pan African-American mythos, analyzed race relations, debunked gangsta rap culture and took heavy blows to every other group most TV shows often forgot. But despite it being one of the most controversial cartoons ever to air across the globe (using […]

Comedian Tracy Morgan once said that if a joke wasn’t offensive then it probably wasn’t funny. If that is the case then Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks is one of the funniest characters created in recent times. The self-hating janitor/valet/movie theater usher has said things about his own people that would make even the staunchest […]

Since the inception of The Boondocks one of the most polarizing (and hilarious) characters in the strip and on the show has been the curmudgeon Uncle Ruckus. Voiced by actor Gary Anthony Williams (Boston Legal, Malcolm In The Middle) there is no end to how offensive this ornery school janitor can be. With the third […]

While he makes his run at another green jacket, Tiger Woods finds an unlikely supporter in The Boondocks Uncle Ruckus.

While perusing the Twitternets, I came across what is allegedly a promo image from season 3 of The Boondocks and I’m officially putting the season premiere date, March 28th, on my calendar.