Comedian Tracy Morgan once said that if a joke wasn’t offensive then it probably wasn’t funny. If that is the case then Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks is one of the funniest characters created in recent times.

The self-hating janitor/valet/movie theater usher has said things about his own people that would make even the staunchest Klansman think he’s slacking. But somehow Ruckus’ unrestrained racism makes us laugh more than anyone on the show.

With the TV adaptation of Aaron McGruders’ classic comic strip now in its final season we wanted to look back at some of the most racist and outrageous moments from Uncle Ruckus.

Uncle Ruckus On Black Frats

Episode: “The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show”

Given a forum to speak his mind by BET Ruckus targets Blacks who go to college.

What do niggas do in college anyway? You ever see these nigga fraternities? Black Fraterniites should have an African name: Boogedy, Boogedy Boogedy. I gotta Black fraternity for you, it’s called prison. Jail Phi Jail, nigga. You know!”

Praise White Jesus

Episode: “The Passion of Rev Ruckus”

Uncle Ruckus dreams of meeting Ronald Reagan at the gates of White Heaven and is told that he must spread the message of “White Jesus” so that he can go there when he dies.

If you black of skin and full sin come forward so that I may lay my hands on you. Black be gone! Praise white Jesus!

Uncle Ruckus At The Barbershop

Episode:”The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show”

Even Ruckus likes to look good but not even personal grooming could stop him from defending George W. Bush.”

Instead of sitting around here chopping the brillo off eachother’s heads, ya’ll should take your black asses to Iraq and help fight for our freedom!”

Don’t Trust Them New N*ggas Over There

Episode: The Garden Party

After declaring a “Code Black” when the Freeman’s arrive for a Ed Wuncler’s party Ruckus serenades the newest inhabitants of Woodcrest with “Don’t Trust Them New N*ggas Over There.”

Them happy, nappy head n*ggas/with their fingers on the triggers/don’t trust them new n*ggas over there!”

Babysitting The Freemans

Episode: “Home Alone”

When he goes on vacation Granddad leaves Uncle Ruckus in charge of the boys, why? We don’t know. But it was a hilarious disaster.

Ain’t nobody talking while I’m talking, so shut the f*ck up! My name is Uncle Ruckus and I will be nigga-sitting you two until your grandfather returns. Your granddad had picked me cause I am a licensed zoologist. I have studied a variety of wild animals and the African male, if by far, is the most savagely cunning. This is an opportunity to observe you niggas in your natural habitat and collect data. But be warned, whatever nigga trickery you got up your sleeve does not affect me!

Whistle While You Work

Episode: “The Story of Gangstalicious”

While cleaning the school, minding his own business Uncle Ruckus is singing an uplifting work song to get him through the day:

Colored folks talkin’ about ‘Save Me!’ / Wasn’t nothin’ wrong with slavery! / At least we got good food back then — uh huh, uh huh! / White man sho could be yo friend-“

Uncle Ruckus In Foot Locker

Episode: “Uncle Ruckus Reality Show”

Finally accepting that he is Black Uncle Ruckus goes to Foot Locker to “do what n*ggas do” and buy sneakers.

Can I get a shoe named after a white man please? Excuse me, Darkie in the zebra shirt. Can I get a Bruce Jenner sneaker? I’m not leaving here until I get a shoe named after a white man! John Stockton, Pistol Pete Maravich. Anybody!”

Officer Ruckus

EPISODE: “The Block Is Hot”

After getting shot at 118 times and beaten by the police Ruckus settles his case by being made a part of the force. Once sworn in he promises to “beat every black person he sees with extreme prejudice.”

Down With The King

Episode: “Return Of The King”

Upon meeting a revived Dr. Martin Luther King Ruckus declares “The only King I know is Elvis Presley” and throws a brick at the Civil Rights icon. In fact, Ruckus reminds Dr. King that  they met in the 1960’s and he says, “I’d have socked you myself, but I realized the white man has better aim.

Tie: Throwing bricks at cardboard cutouts of Barack Obama exclaiming “Nigga down!”

“N*ggas Can’t Fight”

Episode: Granddad’s Fight

While Granddad trains with Huey for a fight, Ruckus insists that he’ll be ok because the best fighters in the world are white.

They don’t possess the strength of character to be a great fighter. That’s why all the best fighters have always been white men. Name me one great black heavyweight fighter? You can’t do it. You wanna pull Ali out your ass? Then why he didn’t go to Vietnam? Cuz he was scared. No Vietnamese never called me nigga. I called him a nigga eight times before breakfast. Want he gonna do? Jean Claude Van Dam killed a man with his butt cheek power.

The President’s A N*gger

Episode: “The Story Of Jimmy Rebel”

Ruckus finds his musical soul mate in famed racist country-western singer Jimmy Rebel, who wants to do an album with Ruckus. They record a duet called “The President’s A N*gger”

Katrina Victims

Episode: “Invasion Of the Katrinians”

When Katrina victims settle in Woodcrest everyone feels the pressure but Uncle Ruckus gives them a special send-off the way only he can.

“Go on back! The white man brought in the whole gulf of Mexico to wash ya’ll niggas away…but you ain’t too good at takin a hint!  I’mma get me a dog and name him Levvy and kick him every time it rains!”

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