Last night March 2, 2013 Kevin Hart hosted SNL and the hype preceding the show was astronomical. As with pretty much anytime Kevin Hart is going to be on TV, the expectations for hilarity were high. However, some bloggers, writers and Tweeters seemed a little disappointed when all was said and done.

Cue cards seemed to be a problem and possibly the nerves of the comedian himself were an issue. But let’s be clear, we’ve all seen much worse and maybe it’s unfair to expect every person that we find funny in their own element to dominate SNL. Let us not forget , Saturday Night Live is not an easy environment for even the strongest of improvisational actors to work in, so give Kevin a break. Every Saturday there is a show that has some sketches you love and some you don’t, that’s just how it works. So, ease up on Mr. Hart, because the sketches that worked, Rocked!

For example check out his opening monologue!

Now while Kevin Hart clearly had some issues with the cue cards in his segment on Weekend Update’s Really With Seth And Kevin, it honestly doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things because it was still funny! See what you think!

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Here are  some the rest incase you missed them:

The Walking Dead

The Z-Shirt

Recording Session

The New Pope

Steve Harvey Phobias

Bottom line, while getting thrown into the chaos that is Saturday Night Live, there are bound to be some hiccups, but we’re willing to bet his second time hosting will be even better. And again, the parts that were good, were great!


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