According to documents obtained by TMZMonique Gooden, Dwight Gooden’s estranged wife, called the Bergen County Police Department in New Jersey on March 1, 2013 because Dwight Gooden allegedly made “terroristic threats,” specifically claiming he said, “All bets are off and I will hurt you and your family. You’ll see, just wait.”  The former MLB giant was not arrested for this event or taken to the station.

While divorce is never a fun period for any family, it doesn’t get any better if you do something to land yourself in an even worse situation! And per TMZ, allegedly that is happening now. A judge has granted a temporary restraining order to Mrs. Gooden and removed Dwight from his home. He has also been barred from seeing his children. All of this is to be revisited on March 11th when they head back to court. The judge will also determine then, whether or not the order of protection should be made permanent. 


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