Many college students are enjoying the month of March because of  spring break. One of the hottest destinations is Key West, Florida and with the increase of the drunken college students invading the beaches, litter becomes a problem for beach patrol. They need not fear because a young woman is doing her part to stop litter in her coastal Florida town by biting people who litter in the face.

Cassi Lyn Clayton took the law into her own hands when she bit the face of Madison Pelfrey, a spring breaker, for throwing her empty beer cans all over the beach. As the story goes, Clayton spied Pelfrey discarding her trash along the shore. Cassi Clayton approached Madison Pelfrey about being a litter bug and things escalated into a screaming match. The two women continued to scream at each other until Cassi decided she’d had enough and bit Madison on the right cheek.

Subsequently, Cassi Lyn Clayton was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge. After being arrested, Clayton was promptly processed and released from jail. This isn’t the first time Clayton has been in trouble with the law for violence. Back in February, she was put in handcuffs for attacking a police officer and damaging some property.

I hope Madison Pelfrey went to the doctors and got an emergency tetanus shot. If somebody is crazy enough to bite you in the middle of an argument, there’s no telling what else they did in another situation like this.



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