Being an NBA athlete, you get used to women throwing themselves at you with no ounce of shame or tact. Well, NBA champion Mario Chalmers isn’t feeling that and let two young women know. Chalmers embarrassed two women for claiming they were partying with the Miami Heat point guard when all they really did was ask for a quick picture.

The unidentified women saw Chalmers at a rooftop establishment and asked for a photo. When the picture was posted on Instagram by one of the ladies, they captioned it with, “Roof top bottle poppin with nba champ @mchalmers15.” Chalmers wasn’t thrilled in the slightest about how they spun the brief encounter and quickly responded to the photo very matter-of-factly, “Ummm false. Yall just asked for a pic.”

Needless to say, the women’s mentions were assaulted with people making fun of the two for their blatant thirst for fame. As embarrassing as this is, it serves them right and should be a lesson to all groupies. While you can sleep with an athlete and pen tell-all books about your raunchy escapades, but famous athletes can put you on blast just as easily.



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