In the pending case brought by NBA star Tony Parker against owners of W.i.P. nightclub in NYC, the The owners of the nightclub want Chris Brown and Drake to fork over the money and pay up should Parker be awarded the twenty million dollars he’s suing for.

In June of last summer, the two artists lost their collective minds inside of  W.i.P. and tons of glass was thrown around, which allegedly did damage to Tony Parker’s eye, thus giving him reason to bring forth the case.

But according to TMZ, the owners of the club want Drake and Chris Brown to be the ones to pay for the mess that they created. As they were the ones who took part in the fight and they are the reason Tony Parker’s eye got damaged. However the argument against W.i.P. as owners of the club would be that they are supposed to provide a safe environment and get on any problem quickly so that it doesn’t escalate to the extent that the Drizzy V. Breezy fight did!

TMZ reports that the club wants any and all damages awarded to Parker to come from Brown and Drake.

So what say you? Should the club have to Pay The NBA Star guard? Or should it be left to Drake and Chris Brown? Take the poll and have your say!


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