How’s this for karma? A man leaving a hospital after visiting a friend picked up a stranger who was seeking a ride. The stranger turned out to be a robber and carjacked the Good Samaritan. However, the robber’s getaway ground to a screeching halt because the car ran out of gas.

Lt. Troy Skebo of the Spotsylvania County Sheriffs Office recounted the story to the media. Skebo explained that the driver of the vehicle said he would give the robber a ride after the robber pretended to need a ride into the county after visiting a relative at the hospital. The two set out on Route 1 and drove five miles to a local convenience store. The driver went in and purchased a few items. When he returned to the car, the robber assaulted him and took his money. The robber then hopped in the passenger seat of another car and sped off.

The victim called 911 and followed closely behind the robber for ten miles in his own vehicle. The victim, however, lost sight of the robber during the car chase. The police kept searching for the robber and the stolen vehicle. Police found the vehicle 15 miles away from the convenience store with no gas and two men standing around looking suspicious. Those two men were later arrested.

I bet that robber wasn’t planning on stealing a car that was on E. But as a person stealing cars, don’t you want to steal cars with almost a full tank of gas? Isn’t the whole point of trying to make an escape to get away from the scene of the crime? So why not check the gas meter before engaging in grand theft auto.



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