It looks like the early stages of the zombie apocalypse is finding it’s way up the east coast. A homeless man bit a good sized chunk out of a waiter’s lip in Atlanta.

Rodney Scott, the waiter, was working his shift at the ATL spot, The Flying Biscuit, when he went outside for a cigarette break. The homeless man, Carl Winston (who goes by “Cyrus”), saw him and attacked Scott, according to CBS Atlanta.

They pulled the security cameras from the restaurant, and it showed Cyrus punching Scott multiple times, and he had to be pulled off of him by patrons. It turns out earlier in the day they had gotten into an argument because Cyrus came by the restaurant asking patrons for food and money, and Scott asked him to leave.

After the altercation, Cyrus fled the scene, but has since turned himself in.

Scott said he has not been able to go back to work and “is concerned about paying his household and medical bills.”

Check the video on the next page to see Scott’s account of the story.

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