You can’t skim a Twitter or Facebook feed nowadays without virtually tripping over some mention of The Illuminati in hip-hop. Despite the protests of people like Russell Simmons, the existence of this secret society is as real to some people as high price of Air Jordans.

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In our interview with rapper Noreaga, we asked him candidly if he believed in The Illuminati, given his past relations with rumored members Damon Dash and Jay-Z.

“The way they describing it with the devil worship that’s all fabricated and over exaggerated,” says N.O.R.E. “But there is a certain level that you can’t get to unless you’re aware of certain things. There is a door you have to walk through and it’s on you to walk through that door. And once you walk through that door there is no coming back.”

Watch the full interview to hear N.O.R.E reveal what happened when his career reached a certain level.

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