As laughter erupted from the cubicle beside me, I desperately wondered what was so darn funny? Did Lebron James dunk on Jason Terry again? Quite anxious to know, I asked my coworker what was sending her into such a frenzy and she said, she rather show me than tell me. Then it happened, Miley Cyrus, dressed in a unicorn onesie, twerking, popping her white bum to J Dash’s song “Wop.” And! She wasn’t that bad either (if former Disney kids in “Snuggies” float your boat).

Still, I can’t help but notice how some not-so-tan celebs try so hard to be down. From Justin Bieber smoking weed and fighting paparazzi, to Britney Spears calling on Lil Wayne for her single “Scream & Shout,” some white celebs want to be down, so bad!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus spends her off-time hanging with Lil Kim, twerking to J Dash songs, smoking blunts and aspiring to be on WorldStar. Just check out this random video of her dancing like she was auditioning to be “Web Girl” of the week.

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