Grace Jones isn’t here for anyone but herself, and she makes that abundantly clear in her new autobiography, I’ll Never Write My Own Memoirs. In an excerpt obtained by Time Out London, the singer-model calls out stars of today, like Beyonce, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, for jocking her style, and criticizes her peers for believing […]

The Sound

There’s always skepticism when it comes to anything related to awards shows and television specials. Anything is spinnable and anything can be scripted. That could include Nicki Minaj calling out Miley Cyrus in the middle of her awards acceptance speech. “And now, back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press,” Minaj said […]

The Voice

As expected, MTV’s Video Music Awards 2015 brought out stars of pop culture importance in their Sunday best — whether that meant wearing shimmery gowns, jeans and bomber jackets, or in host Miley Cyrus’ case, a bejeweled frock that left very little to the imagination … and faux locs. The latter echoed a long-held grievance for Black […]

The Sound

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards was really only notable for two things: Kanye 2020 and being a two-hour ad for Miley Cyrus‘s new album. Watching Cyrus’s  skits was similar to a bizarre endurance test, and your award for surviving is a new and free album. Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz dropped right after the ceremony […]


Nicki Minaj came out swinging at the 2015 VMAs and Miley Cyrus was her number one target. To give you a little refresher, Miley decided to give her unsolicited two cents on Nicki taking MTV to task for not giving her “Anaconda” or “Feeling Myself” videos the recognition she felt they deserved and pointing out the obvious […]

The Screen

The MTV Video Music Awards are going down this Sunday. And while Miley Cyrus is sure to stun the crowd with her antics, she’ll have some stiff competition in Kanye West. Yeezus is set to receive the MTV Video Vanguard Award this year. And in case you forgot, Kanye loves Kanye. So giving him a […]

The Sound

Today on The New York Times, a white woman teaches black people how to talk about race in America. Her name is Miley Cyrus, your MTV Video Music Awards host for this Sunday. Her interview with the Times took a hard and tone-deaf left when the conversation moved toward Nicki Minaj and her criticisms aimed at MTV. Look at the cringeworthy comments […]

Not only has Tracy Morgan had an astonishing recovery, but he’s also ready to make his comeback by way of hosting Saturday Night Live. Morgan is set to host the third episode of the upcoming 41st season. He’s a veteran of the SNL stage, as he hosted once before back in 2009 and was a cast […]


We’ve definitely spotted Miley Cyrus doing some strange things before, but this takes the cake. The pop singer hit IG with a new photo of…

Miley Cyrus has never been one to bite her tongue since shedding her Hannah Montana alter-ego image in 2011. She famously twerked on Robin Thicke and bared all in her videos, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be considered a role model, especially if her counterparts like Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar can be […]