The MTV Video Music Awards are going down this Sunday. And while Miley Cyrus is sure to stun the crowd with her antics, she’ll have some stiff competition in Kanye West. Yeezus is set to receive the MTV Video Vanguard Award this year. And in case you forgot, Kanye loves Kanye. So giving him a few minutes of unfiltered air time is just asking for a speech bursting out of the seams with quotables. West’s “streams of consciousness” have become a tradition during award shows and interviews even when they have nothing to do with him. We definitely remember the time his big brother Jay Z‘s wife Beyonce didn’t win the award for Best Female Video of all time. Of all time.

Check out the video above to see Kanye’s best speech moments and follow the guide below.

1. At the 2005 Grammys

Back in 2005, Kanye took home the Best Rap Album Grammy for The College Dropout. Leading up to the big night, many wondered how he’d react if he didn’t, and in typical Kanye fashion, he had to address the haters. Lets not forget the impeccable white suit he was rocking.

2. At the 2009 MTV VMAs

Kanye doesn’t even have to be mentioned in an award category for him to act out. In a moment fueled by Hennessey and Amber Rose, he felt the need to hop on stage in a short sleeve leather button-up to inform the crowd that Beyonce really deserved the award instead of Taylor Swift. We can’t be too mad because it introduced the legendary Kanye shrug.

3. At the 2015 BET Honors

It’s been 10 years since Kanye’s first Grammy speech and he still hasn’t filtered himself while on some of the biggest stages. While receiving the visionary award at the BET Honors, he said that people shouldn’t judge his wife for her history of dating rich black men, because she “has dated broke black dudes, so it ain’t got nothing to do with money.” Typical Kanye logic.

4. At the Hurricane Katrina Telethon

As Hurricane Katrina pummeled New Orleans, La. and its surrounding areas, Kanye and actor Michael Myers were tasked with hosting a telethon. While Myers’ portion was entirely read off the prompter, Kanye decided to freestyle. He ended about black people being portrayed in a different light during a trying time and said, “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.” The best part of the off-script moment was the look on Chris Tucker’s face when the camera cut to him. YouTube gold.

5. Kanye West interview with Zane Lowe

The Yeezus era created so many classic Kanye moments, especially within the Zane Lowe interview. Many people were appalled at the fact that Kanye had the gall to call himself a god, and then ask the powers that be to “hurry up with his damn croissants.”  


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