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This one gets filed under who does that? According to WSB TV Atlanta Gucci Mane is the one who does that! WSB TV is reporting that a young US Army Troop that served in Afghanistan until October, was at a club in Atlanta celebrating his birthday. James, the Gucci Mane fan, saw Gucci chillin in the VIP and decided to go ask his security guard if it was OK to take a picture with the WA R artist.

As the fan was explaining that he was in the military and would like a picture, the rapper allegedly got up and hit him in the head with a champagne bottle! Let’s run that back one time. He hit him in the head with a champagne bottle. This Army Troop survived a real life  war tour, but allegedly gets hit in the head by his fave rapper in a club, in Atlanta with a champagne bottle! Wait What? Wow!

But then to add insult to injury literally, according to the alleged victim James:

 “As I looked at him in the shock of why, one of his friends hit me in the side of my face.”

Gotta love those entourage members! Way to be helpful and show compassion to a man who has just been hit in the head with a champagne bottle!

In a statement by the Atlanta Police Department, Lt. Jeff Cantin said,

“We do have an active warrant for Mr. Davis for aggravated assault. So I’m sure after he sees this, I’m sure he’ll want to reach out and contact us.”

We are certain that this is not the last that we are going to hear about this story! Stay Tuned!



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