Rapper/mogul Jay-Z has a long list of people hating his life simply because he’s living his life. It looks like Jigga can add legendary American songwriter Paul Anka. Anka, who allowed Jay to use a sample of his song on Jay-Z’s “I Did It My Way,” is a little salty because Jay-Z didn’t return his calls when he wanted to put him on a track for a new duets album.

According to Paul Anka, Anka wanted to have Jay-Z spit a sixteen on a song Anka has with Michael Jackson. However, Jay-Z never returned any of Anka’s phone calls and completely blew the guy off. Anka slammed Jay-Z’s behavior, but maintained he loved Beyonce as an artist. Considering how much Beyonce loves and worships her man, Beyonce won’t be returning any of Anka’s calls either.

This isn’t the first time someone in Hollywood has blasted Jay-Z for not returning calls. Robert De Niro famously got into an argument with Jay-Z about not answering the phone when he calls. That time, Beyonce tried to intervene and smooth things over, but her attempts were futile. How many more white celebrities does Jay-Z have to ignore before they realize Jay gives not one damn about them?

Check out Jay-Z sampling a Paul Anka song below.



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Jay-Z Taking Other People’s Calls
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