If you are anything like most NCAA enthusiasts, you are stunned right now. Utterly and completely bewildered by what has taken place in the “upset” department as far as the NCAA Tourney this year. Some may feel disgust, others may feel despair and  most have had their bracketology dreams summarily dismissed. There are questions that must be answered so that this does not happen again.

But, if we look closely, there is at least one reason that we can all call out right now. Oh yes and that reason is a chica who should have stuck with wicked step-mothers and pumpkins instead of bringing herself court-side to cheer on teams that no one in their entire lives has ever even heard of. Or for teams that we assume exist but who are never a factor. That woman’s name, is Cinderella!

Yes, it seems because of Cinderella’s presence at these games, school’s that no one even knew were schools are advancing in a big way in the 2013 NCAA tournaments! We’re talking brackets so far in error that you would think the choices were in a made up language from another planet and we were all just taking a wild guess at their outcomes!

This woman can not be allowed to continue showing up to these games and here are 5 good reasons as to why;

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