The grounds of Discovery Green in Downtown Houston shook as Kendrick Lamar took over the city. All of the crowd at the jam-packed music festival went wild for Kendrick and his powerful performance. Here’s 8 of the most electrifying moments about Kendrick Lamar’s show that kept Houston buzzing all weekend.   8. Kendrick started the show off […]

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March Madness is finally back! By now there have been endless analyses discussing which teams are in, which teams are out, and which teams should have made it. But we’re presenting the tournament in a way that cuts down the useless stuff and highlights the good stuff. Let’s get to it. East Region Looking at […]


Ain’t nobody going back to Indiana if they keep this up. Several African Americans have come out against the state of Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Act,”…


March Madness is once again upon us! This is the time of year when the bright spotlight is on college basketball and all of the drama, excitement and heartbreak that it brings. Whether you root for a ‘blue blood’ team with a rich, championship past (think UNC, UCLA, Kentucky) or you root for an underdog, […]


Check out this gallery of the hottest basketball wives here! Like on Facebook to stay updated with the latest entertainment news and original interviews! MORE LINKS ON THE URBAN DAILY! Shooting Stars: 20 Biggest NBA Scoring Performances Beautiful Struggle: Stacey Dash Hates You [PHOTOS] Sexy Moments Face-Off: Beyonce Vs. Kelly Rowland


  If you were watching the Louisville Elite 8 game the other night and have not yet recovered, then please be sure not to push play on the video below! However, if you have indeed recovered or if you just enjoy watching gruesome, disgusting, horrifying, heinous (well you get the point) injuries, then check out […]

  Thanks to superstitious thespians the term “break a leg” has become a ubiquitous catch phrase to ward off bad luck. But after watching Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware suffer one of the most graphic sports injuries of the last 30 years, it’s impossible to say that without a chill going down your spine. On […]


  If you are anything like most NCAA enthusiasts, you are stunned right now. Utterly and completely bewildered by what has taken place in the “upset” department as far as the NCAA Tourney this year. Some may feel disgust, others may feel despair and  most have had their bracketology dreams summarily dismissed. There are questions that […]

President Barack Obama is riding with North Carolina UNC to take it all in the 2012 NCAA tournament! “I’m just a sucker for the Tar Heels, what can I tell you,” said Obama to Andy Katz during his traditional selection special on ESPN. He feels, UNC is “an older team, a more experienced team.” “They […]

Jay-Z paid a visit to the University of Kentucky’s locker room after their Wildcats won against the University of North Carolina Tarheels 76-69, earning them a place in the NCAA Final Four.

Will your NCAA bracket top the President’s? March Madness is back at the White House, and for the third straight year, President Barack Obama has filled out an NCAA tournament bracket for senior college basketball writer Andy Katz. The president says Duke, Kansas, Ohio State and Pittsburgh will make the men’s Final Four, the […]