5. Everyone Loves An Underdog

Yes, this gives us a warm fuzzy feeling and it makes for wonderful TV and “based on a true story” type movies. However, when you pick a team, you don’t pick because you think a team will have no fans and therefore you should feel sorry for them and cho0se them! You pick the team that should win! Make no mistake, crowd participation has an effect! When the underdog wins over the crowd that can effect the other teams play. Why do you think players try to hype up the crowds? Exactly.

4. You Can’t Research A Team You’ve Never Heard Of

When filling out brackets, die hard NCAA fans pretty much have an idea of who is going to make it in to the 64 slots in the first place. Who studies teams all season if they are not aware that they exist? No one! So everyone is either forced to play catch up at the last minute or they select the team with the bigger name that they are already familiar with. Result: Broken Bracket!

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