3. Ivy League Schools And Basketball Don’t Even Sound Right In The Same Sentence

If you say Harvard, one thinks automatically of scholarly chaps that are nattily dressed, walking around on green courtyards. They may think of things like crew teams, or Rugby. Thoughts are conjured up in the mind of Boston and future lawyers and wall street moguls. But no one ever says, “Yeah they are ballin out of control on the Harvard basketball team!”  Well except for this year! Harvard gets more money and research funds than probably all of the other 63 teams put together! Let someone else be good at something for a change geesh! [ Yes J. Lin People We Know…We Get It..name us 5 more players! ]

2. Somehow It Always Forces People To Have To Cheer For A Duke Win

If you’re a Duke fan this one doesn’t apply to you. But since most of us are not, (Yeah I Said It!) then this is not a fun scenario to be in! Every time there is a Cinderella upset or upsets then the next thing you know Duke ends up in a critical game with a team you can not afford to have win. Mark our words, it happens every single freaking time!

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