1. Bragging Rights

The best part of watching these very close, fast paced games is bragging about how you knew this or that would happen when a certain player or players took to the court. How in thee world can you brag about teams you’ve never even heard of? Everyone knows that you didn’t know anything prior to the tournament and you look ridiculous!

Or worse, it’s one thing for your team to lose to a top seed, but to lose to a team that no one should even knows about, is hurtful. There is no holding your head up if your team got beat in the first round by West Over There Somewhere State University! If you lose to a team that was seeded, then you can at least say, “Well yeah, but they were predicted to do xy and z anyway! So the fact that our defense/offense was able to hold them off that far is still something to be proud of!” You can’t even try to put that little bit of bragging in if you get mollywopped by a team that was never predicted to be there!

So bottom line, Cinderella should stay home. It’s just not fair when she shows up. Ask top seeds who are at home right now if they think it’s right? Better yet, ask their fans!

And after you do that, be sure to enter to $1,000,000 in the BMW Hoops Mania Bracket Challenge! GOOD LUCK!

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