Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon are in Turkey this Memorial Day on a working vacation – as the songbird is being paid $1.5 million to perform at the opening of the Marden Palace Hotel in Antalya, dubbed Europe’s most expensive hotel.

The tabloids have been busy tracking her every overseas move since she arrived last week at the Cannes Film Festival – particularly her behavior at the Martinez Hotel, on the Croisette at Cannes. London’s Daily Mail says Mariah’s stay there “really opened [the hotel’s] eyes to the lunatic excesses of the world of modern celebrity.”

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The Daily Mail reports:

She refused to speak at check-in (she often spends days in silence to save her voice), but ‘her people’ let it be known that her suite needed to be at a specific temperature, far warmer than the 18 degrees which the rest of the hotel is maintained at, because she feels the heat is better for her vocal cords.

Half-a-dozen humidifiers had been placed by her bed. They whirr through the night and the noise aggravates her insomnia, but she will not travel unless she is sure of her air quality.

She also had ‘her people’ check the décor of the suite before her arrival. Much to everyone’s relief, it was pronounced white enough to fit her tastes and a re-vamp was avoided.

Assistants were dispatched to decorate Mariah’s room with Hello Kitty –  the cutesy Japanese cartoon brand beloved of eight-year-old girls – which the singer insists upon to help her feel at home.

The 5ft 9in diva requisitioned pretty much an entire floor of the Cannes hotel. Her suite was the grandest on offer, with an enormous Jacuzzi on the balcony. It cost £4,500 a night. Then, for a further £11,000 a night, she hired another set of rooms, including a room to house her wardrobe – Alaia, Cavalli and Ralph Lauren dresses  –  and her collection of size four shoes. (Her feet are actually a half-size bigger, but Mariah will not hear of going up a size.)

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