The drama in former NBA player Javaris Crittenton’s life is becoming overwhelmingly terrible. Not only has Crittenton not been faring well in his basketball career, but he was also indicted for murder.

Javaris Crittenton is being accused of murdering Jullian Jones, a 22-year-old mother of four in 2011. According to sources, Crittenton had been robbed by a group of perceived gang members. Never one to take a theft lying down, Javaris Crittenton took the law into his own hands and went to SOuthwest Atlanta to find the men who robbed him. Crittenton allegedly shot at the gang members when he found them. instead of hitting any of his targets, the former NBA player hit Juillian Jones in the leg and she died while doctors operated on her in the ER.

Javaris Crittenton has adamantly denied any ties to the shooting death of Jones. Despite his declarations of innocence, Crittenton was indicted on 12 charges in court on April 2nd. What makes this already horrific situation even worse is that Crittenton is also being accused of being a member of the notorious gang the Crips (actual set unknown).

Local news channel WSBTV is reporting:

Fulton County Assistant District Attorney Gabriel Banks said not only was Crittenton a gang member, but once he was robbed, he tried to settle the score and find other members from rival gangs who tried to take jewelry from him. Crittenton allegedly opened fire, killing the mother of four children. 

The then-NBA player joined Mansfield Crips in Los Angeles after getting drafted with the Lakers. 

“This is very concerning to our office that gang activity extends beyond the street level, but actually ventures into professional sports and what type of message that actually extends to the young people here in the city of Atlanta,” said Banks. “So we are very concerned with that and we want to ensure that the young people here in the city of Atlanta don’t copycat those efforts.”

What do you make of Javaris Crittenton’s current predicament? Do you believe he’s a crip? Let us know your thoughts below.



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